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Ponify all the things!

I recently got and played a Harry Potter version of Cluedo, this inspired me to change traditional Cluedo into My Little Pony Cluedo. The result of many hours in Photoshop are below the cut (this got to Equestria Daily: here).

The traditional six players (Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, et al.) have been replaced by the Mane 6, who each start on their own cutie mark square.

The study, ball room, kitchen and library etc have all been replaced with notable locations in Equestria and Ponyville (the library is still a library though!)

In the original game, one of the six players is possibly the murderer, instead I have brought in six notable Friendship is Magic villains.

And instead of the classic weapons like ropes and candlestick holders, the players have to work out which deed the villain has carried out.

Here is an overview of the whole set up - just played through with my boyfriend, two player Cluedo is a little difficult so we have a few rule differences in order to prevent us each having half the villain/location/deed cards! It was fun, though I lost. It turned out that Queen Chrysalis had been covering the Schoolhouse with Smoke, probably behind the bike sheds!